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Do I Need Vision Insurance In Addition To Health Insurance?

It is common knowledge that no one should live without health insurance, given the cost of healthcare today. But what about vision insurance? Good vision plays a vital role in a person’s quality of life. While some health plans provide vision coverage, others do not. Our experienced agent can help ensure that you have the vision insurance you need to protect and improve your sight.

What Is Vision Insurance?

Vision insurance is coverage designed to reduce your eye care expenses. You pay a monthly premium, and the plan covers some portion of your costs. A vision discount plan is not the same thing as vision insurance. Discount plans cost less than vision insurance but cover less. Vision insurance coverage differs from plan to plan. While some vision insurance plans may only cover minimal services, others may cover eye surgery in addition to basic services and corrective eyewear.

What Does Most Vision Insurance Cover?

Many vision insurance plans pay for some portion of the following:

  • Eyeglass lenses and frames
  • Contact lenses
  • Scratch-resistant coating and other protection for glasses
  • Eye exams, vision tests, and basic preventative care

Many vision plans also offer additional options, such as discounts on LASIK and corrective eye surgery and coverage for daily disposable contact lenses.

Who Needs Vision Insurance?

Even people with perfect vision can benefit from vision insurance. Regular eye exams can detect otherwise hidden medical problems. The older you are, the more frequently you should have your eyes checked. For example, men and women ages 20 to 39 need an eye exam every five to 10 years, while people age 65 and older should have their eyes checked every one to two years. Individuals with a family history of eye disease or a medical condition, such as diabetes that increase the risk of eye disease, need more frequent eye exams. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, vision insurance can help you ensure you have the right type of correction and that your prescription is up to date.

How Much Does Vision Insurance Cost?

Many employers offer vision insurance, along with health insurance, as part of their employee benefits package. If you do not have access to a vision plan through work, you can still probably find a plan that suits your budget. Some insurers offer vision plans starting at less than $20 per month. With a typical vision plan, in addition to your premiums, you will pay a portion of your costs out of pocket. Generally speaking, the higher your premiums, the lower your out-of-pocket expenses for vision care are likely to be.

Where Can You Buy Vision Insurance? reports that health insurance plans in the Marketplace include vision coverage for children, while only some provide vision coverage for adults. Standalone vision plans are not offered on the Marketplace. To find such a plan, you can search online or seek the help of an experienced insurance agent. Our friendly agent will be happy to help you find an affordable vision insurance plan that suits your needs.